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As the logo tells us, you can find just about anything from A-Z on Amazon. Yep, for a long time, I thought that little arrow thing was a smile (I sure smile when I see those boxes arrive!) but it does actually have a meaning! You can also create a wedding registry, a wish list, shopping list, all kinds of lists with the Amazon List feature. I love this feature because I use it for gift shopping and I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

First, if you haven’t used Amazon List yet, there are a couple of ways to get there. You can access it through your Amazon menu or if you’re shopping and you want to add something to your list, just click the link “add to list” and select where you want it to go or create a new one.

I recently started a new full time job and we’re working remotely, which meant that I needed to set up a home office and I wanted to get organized and be smart about the time I spent searching down the things that I needed. As I was going through the things I needed, if I didn’t need them now (or if my budget didn’t allow yet), I added them to a list I created and called “home office”. In the process of doing that, I also found a few small space solutions that I wanted, but they didn’t necessarily fall into my “home office” category. That started a second list I called “small spaces” so that I could add things to either list as I was looking for what I needed to get started. Of course, there were some really great products that I might want later, so I added those to my wish list.

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone, what better way to get it right than to check out their wish list? No more guessing what they want or need, because they picked it themselves! A friend of mine is into gardening, and she keeps a complete list of items she want or needs for her garden. Oh, that reminds me! Were you aware that you can get live plants on Amazon!? Crazy, right?

If you want to take the extra step, choose the “this item is a gift” and you can send it with a message, a gift receipt and if available, a gift bag or box! I do this with out of town gifts, that way I can have them shipped directly to the recipient. You can send invites to people to share their list or invite them to yours, so they can see the lists you share. There is an option to keep them private though, which is great for preventing getting a stapler for your birthday!

Amazon List can be used for everything from shopping to registries to gift giving

This feature also works with Alexa, so if you use Amazon for your grocery shopping, you just tell Alexa to add something to your list, if you’d like. Really organized shopping!

A friend of my friend Vikki has an Amazon List she uses for donating socks to the homeless shelters in her area – so they don’t just have to be something you’d like and her friends can help support her cause by purchasing off of her list directly. What a great idea! Teachers could use this feature too, for helping keep their classrooms stocked with supplies throughout the year – how awesome is that?

You can even designate the address for things on the list to be sent to – so for example if you click the link above to donate socks, you can choose your address or to hers (Amazon does hide the other person’s address for privacy) so if you’re donating, make sure you send them to the correct address. Also, if you’re donating, I thank you on her behalf!

Another really great thing about making lists is that you can set notifications to alert you when the price drops if you’re not ready to buy today or are looking for a better deal.

Amazon List is a really great way to get what you need and organize your gift giving. If you haven’t already tried it, I encourage you to give it a try!

For me, I think the best part about having access to another’s lists is surprise gifts. No occasion, just a simple kindness that tells them you were thinking of them. We’ll get into more of that later….

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