unstuffed peppers

Un-Stuffed Green Peppers

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Un-stuffed green peppers is a quick and easy way to enjoy this traditional dish without all the hard work! Great for busy days! My niece Katie is starting out on her own and although she likes to cook, she is also starting to gather recipes she can make quickly at the end of her long work days. I promised her I’d add more “cheater” recipes for those days when she needs a quick and easy dinner.

This is also a perfect way to enjoy stuffed green peppers without the oven, which is great for warmer weather. I use a 3qt pot, so it’s a one pot dish that’s fast and inexpensive. I hope you enjoy it!


1 lb lean ground beef

2 medium sized green peppers (diced)

1 pkg of your favorite rice (I used microwave rice)

12 oz. of your favorite pasta sauce (I used a store brand 4 cheese sauce)

shredded cheese (I like a Mexican blend)

easy unstuffed peppers
this is all you need for about 4 servings

This goes fast, so dice up your green peppers before you start. If you prefer to make your rice the old fashioned way, start that first and follow package directions. Otherwise, you can make your microwave rice while you brown your ground beef.

Drain the beef and return it to your skillet or pot. Mix in your rice, sauce and peppers. I like my peppers crunchy, so I only keep it in the skillet long enough to heat everything through. Plate it, then top with your desired amount of shredded cheese and you’re good to go!

unstuffed peppers
topped with shredded cheese – so good!

Oh, I forgot to mention, it freezes well, too – so you can definitely adjust the recipe to save some for another night or to feed a larger group!

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