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The real cookie monster

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As I write my articles, I spend a considerable amount of time researching on the internet and most of the time I forget to switch to “incognito”, leaving me the victim of the real cookie monster.

While writing my last article; Inexpensive and Great Gift Ideas, I looked at a lot of websites to find some great ideas. Of course, when I switched over to my personal social media account, I got tons of “helpful” suggestions popping up in my feed.

I wonder sometimes, what if the internet were a person? Would it be Marie Barone, Ray’s mother in Everybody Loves Raymond? She brings cookies and smiles and then offers helpful suggestions that irritate just about everyone. I mean, couldn’t you just picture her following you and offering her input while you browse around? “I see you are looking at that white shirt. Here are 72 more I found that you might be interested in.” Then, after not finding the perfect white shirt for you, you move onto the garden supply section to look at bird feeders and she’s still bringing you white shirts. So now you’ve found the perfect white shirt and a bird feeder that you like and as you’re heading to the check out, she’s babbling on and on about how other people who bought bird feeders also bought bird seed and a garden gnome.

Additional suggestions the real cookie monster finds while you browse

Finally, you leave the store and go to your local sandwich shop for lunch with your friends and there’s your helpful (if not creepy) stalker. She’s holding 4 white shirts, 3 bird feeders, a bag of bird seed, a garden gnome and with that sweet smile, she says, “Would you consider buying a parakeet, dear?” You do your best to ignore her, carrying on your conversation with your friends. After lunch, you return home and log into your email and see that she’s sent you 3 emails about the things you discussed with your friends.

The real cookie monster will track your every move making suggestions as you browse and emailing more later!

So now you have those emails in your inbox. You delete with out reading and they keep coming. To get them to stop, you have to open then and click unsubscribe. Wait, what!? You never subscribed to them in the first place, so why; in the name of all that is blue and fuzzy, do you have to unsubscribe? Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving! As Frank Barone would say, “Jeez, Marie! Give it a rest!” You knew you should never have let her in the door, but she had cookies!

It’s time for me to do some research and feed the real cookie monster for my next article, but before I go, I wanted to share something else with you. Yesterday, while I was thinking about this article, I found this pretty funny video called G-Male which had me busting a gut. Check it out!

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