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Let’s Hear it for the Teachers! Give them a shout out!

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No doubt, teachers play an important role in our communities and don’t often get the credit they should for all that they do. So without further ado, let’s hear it for the teachers! I’m giving a shout out here to some of mine!

When I was in school, I’m sure I took my teachers and their sacrifices for granted. I was fortunate to have some truly inspiring and wonderful teachers. There was Mrs. Hackle teaching multiplication tables of 8 in the form of a cheer complete with pom-poms. Mr. Feltenberger, my grade school music teacher who taught us to sing, play the recorder and even attempted guitar lessons. Then there was Mrs. Mulderink, who submitted a story I wrote for a young writer’s competition – these are just a few of the teachers who brought out the best in me, helped shape me and inspired me.

We’ll all remember learning “i before e”, but do you remember who taught you that? Do you think about the teacher who spent lunch breaks tutoring you until you got the hang of algebra? How ’bout the teacher who was also the sports coach, drama coach, choir director, sponsor of the school newspaper?

The pandemic hit and we all shifted to home schooling our kids, there was a great appreciation for teachers and all they do for us. Now that we are entering back to school season, that appreciation seems to have waned. Remember the teachers who spent extra online time, who personally visited students while maintaining social distancing? We’ve all seen the viral videos. If you haven’t, search them out, they’re definitely going to lift your spirits. Teachers love teaching and they have great affection for their students and a desire to help them, whatever it takes.

I know quite a few teachers and they would love to go back to class as soon as possible, but they want it to be safe for them and for their students. We seem to have forgotten that teachers are people too and like the rest of us, have a right to feel how they feel about reopening.

The CDC has published guidelines on reopening schools and suggests that it may not be safe to reopen everywhere. It also appears that there isn’t a cookie cutter approach to opening. No wonder our teachers are concerned.

We have asked them to pay for classroom supplies and decorations out of their own pockets. They have given us more than a 40 hour work week. We have asked them to go through active shooter training to keep our kids safe. We haven’t always been kind, we haven’t always appreciated them and we haven’t always taught our children to respect them. For all that we ask of them, we really need to remember what they need too. Let’s be kind and respectful to them and give them the support they so richly deserve, they do so much for us.

Let’s hear it for the teachers! Give them a shout out when you get the chance!

Show some appreciation for our teachers!

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