Lessons learned the hard way
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Lessons Learned the Hard Way

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2020 brought a lot of things into focus for us, didn’t it?  We’re almost all the way through the year and here are some lessons learned the hard way:

Never take anything for granted – whether it’s your family and friends, your health or your job, we learned just how much we took some things for granted. So many of us had one, if not all of these things impacted by our global pandemic and some will never recover. 

You can live with less – We all experienced shortages of supplies, money and human contact.  We learned to find a way to make do with what we had on hand.  Virtual conferences became necessary for work and family to connect.  Loss of income taught a lot of us just how much we overspend on things we don’t necessarily need. 

Get your affairs in order – it’s not an easy conversation to have, but you can’t know when a devastating event is going to take place.  Fill out that health surrogate and living will paperwork and talk to your family to make sure your wishes are known.  Gather the important stuff (paperwork, safe deposit keys, etc.) in place everything in one place and tell someone where to find it if anything should happen to you. Here’s a pretty complete checklist for you. 

Make a list of things others need to know in case something happens and tell them where to find it

Take care of yourself –  With remote work and homeschooling, social distancing and the virus, it’s never been more important to pay attention to your physical and emotional health. There are so many apps and online courses for taking care of your mind and your body. 

You gotta have a side gig– Who would’ve guessed how many of us would lose our jobs, or have our own businesses close?  A side gig like writing a blog, tutoring, etc. is crucial to building an emergency fund or surviving if something happens to your main source of  income.  Not sure what to do?  Find some great ideas here

Kindness matters– No matter how small the act, you can make a huge difference in someone’s day or their life.  You never know what others may be going through, do your best to make them feel like someone cares.  

Be kind - always

As we navigate the remainder of this year, it is likely that we’ll experience continuing change. Of course, there’s no telling how what we are struggling with now will shape 2021 for us!   If you have other lessons learned the hard way that I’ve not covered, please comment below and share! 

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